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After having a stroke, falling and fracturing her hip and undergoing hip surgery, Deborah Hickerson was in need of rehabilitation, so she came to Life Care Center of Old Hickory Village in Old Hickory, Tennessee.


When she arrived at the facility on July 10, 2019, Hickerson could not walk, balance, transfer, move around in her bed, or get around in a wheelchair without total assistance. She also could not complete hygiene tasks, bathe, feed herself or get dressed without moderate to extensive assistance, and she could only have certain liquids that were easy to swallow.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Hickerson to improve her mobility, self-care and swallowing functions.


Physical therapists used core-strengthening exercises and special equipment, such as parallel bars, to help Hickerson regain her balance, mobility and range of motion. Occupational therapists worked to help her perform activities of daily living with increased independence, and speech therapists used oral exercises to help her improve her swallowing ability.


At the end of her therapies, Hickerson had improved significantly in all areas. She had regained her balance, and she only needed minimal assistance to transfer, move around in bed and get around in a wheelchair. She could feed herself and complete hygiene tasks without assistance, and she could bathe, dress and manage her medication with minimal assistance. She could also swallow some solid foods.


Hickerson returned to her assisted living facility in Hermitage, Tennessee, on August 23, 2019.


“I am very happy and thankful for the therapy services at Life Care Center of Old Hickory Village,” said Hickerson.